GAA Passport

An individual who is a member in good standing with any of the 10 GAA Members, and who is working temporarily in one of the countries covered by the GAA, may be eligible to receive support.

The 10 GAA Members have agreed to “host” such individuals while they are temporarily working within their jurisdictions.

This means that when a professional accountant has to transfer to another country, their membership in their “home institute” will allow them to access support from the institute in the country where they are temporarily working.

The following are examples of some of the benefits (may vary among institutes).

  • Magazine – electronic
  • Magazine – hard copy at member subscription rates
  • Electronic newsletters – including events, technical updates, etc.
  • Training and development – at member rates
  • Networking events – at member rates
  • Access to facilities such as meeting rooms – at member rates
  • Affinity products (where agreements permit) – at member rates
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Library and information services

Please contact the institute of the country you are temporarily working in for details of their GAA Passport program.