Areas of EndeavoUr for the GAA
include the Following
  • Maintain the timely exchange of experience and observations on matters of importance to the accounting profession
  • Continue support for the GAA Passport Program, providing services to members working and looking to work in GAA Member Body jurisdictions
  • Support for sustainability initiatives and integrated reporting through membership of the Prince of Wales Accounting for Sustainability project and its Accounting Bodies Network, (A4S) and members of the International Integrated Reporting Council
  • Continue support for the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and its many Boards, Committees and projects
  • Share views on documents released for public comment,
    and where appropriate providing a response from GAA
  • Review and develop strategies to ensure the ongoing strength,
    positioning and leadership of the 10 Member Bodies
  • Review ways to help improve access to the profession
    by qualified aspiring accountants
  • Maintain the network of Reciprocal Membership
    and Mutual Recognition agreements between some Member Bodies
  • Assist Member Bodies in remaining flexible so as to be able
    to adequately respond to change, and anticipate trends
  • Provide thought leadership for the profession
  • Continue links with the professional accounting firms and their GPPC.