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The Global Accounting Alliance is made up of 10 of the world's leading accounting institutes, brought together to promote quality services, share information and collaborate on important international issues.

Latest News

The Global Accounting Alliance has provided a response to the Consultation Paper issued by the Monitoring Group on “Strengthening the Governance and Oversight of the International Audit-Related Standard-Setting Boards in the Public Interest”. 

It can be accessed here.

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The Global Accounting Alliance, an alliance of leading professional accountancy bodies in significant capital markets, has created the Global Audit Market Monitor, an annual survey of which firms are auditing the world's 500 largest companies. The monitor shows a regional breakdown by the four largest global audit firms and is intended to provide an objective analysis of the trends in movement of companies against these firms.

Previously, the company ranking data used to compile the G500 was sourced from the Financial Times G500 publication. In 2016, the FT ceased producing this list or any alternative. As such, for the first time, the company ranking data this year is drawn from the Fortune 500 list. The Fortune 500 list sizes companies based on total revenue, whereas the FT list used stock market valuations. As such, the two lists are not comparable. To enable meaningful tracking of auditor activity, we have used Fortune 500 data for both 2015-16 and 2016-17 to ensure comparability. 

Data has recently been collated for 2016/2017.